Permission to launch…Houston there are no problems

Happy New Year.  We’re 14 days into 2015.  How’s it going for you?  Have you broken any of your resolutions yet?  I will admit to breaking one but it was to be expected.  So, my first blog post of 2015.  What took me so long, I can hear you asking.  Well, I was getting myself organised because 2015 is going to a very busy year for me and I’m looking forward to it.  To start of the new year, I have news.  Important news.  I have a publication date.  Yes, finally after months and months of writing, editing and revising my debut novel, The Sisters, is nearly ready for publication.  Publication day is Thursday 26 February 2015.   We are ready for lift off.   There may be a party, a glass or two of champagne and maybe some Pringles and a sausage roll to celebrate.

The Sisters FINAL2Publication Day – Thursday 26 February 2015 

Available from Amazon – ebook and paperback

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