NO WAY HOME? We’re nearly there.

Yesterday, I emailed copies of ‘No Way Home’, a sci-fi anthology, to my ARC reviewers.  This is beyond exciting.  To think that after months and months of hard work copies of  ‘No Way Home’ is finally in the hands of readers and in just under two weeks it will be available for sale.

Contributing to ‘No Way Home’ has been a fantastic experience.  Not only did it give me the opportunity to write a story in a different genre, it also allowed me to work with other talented writers.  This really was an enjoyable learning experience.

‘No Way Home’ is a collection of stories from which there is no escape.  We have an assassin stuck in the past, a soldier trapped in an endless war and a RAF engineer suffering from hallucinations and shifts in time.  The writers who have contributed are:

LUCAS BALE – author of ‘The Heretic’ and ‘Defiance’

S. ELLIOT BRANDIS – author of ‘Irradiated’ and ‘Degenerated’

J.S. COLLYER – author of ‘Zero’

S.W. FAIRBROTHER – author of ‘The Secret Dead’ and ‘A Murder of Crones’

MICHAEL PATRICK HICKS – author of ‘Convergence’ and ‘Consumption’

HARRY MANNERS – author of ‘Ruin’

A.S. SINCLAIR – writing as Alex Roddie – author of ‘The Atholl Experience’ and ‘The Only Genuine Jones.’

Visit GOODREADS and add ‘No Way Home’ to your reading list.  If you would like to receive an Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for an honest review on Goodreads and Amazon, then feel free to contact me.

Cover Reveal. 'No Way Home' - Stories from eight exciting new voices in speculative fiction.
‘No Way Home’ – Stories from eight exciting new voices in speculative fiction. Available 2 March 2015.

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