The Sisters is everywhere

Ok, ‘The Sisters’ isn’t technically everywhere. You won’t find my book on the shelves of Tescos and Waterstones (not yet anyway) but it is now available not only on Kindle but also on iBooks, Kobo and Nook.  Is it a good idea to take my book out of KDP Select and for it to no longer to be exclusive on Amazon?  Who knows but I’m sure that I will find out.

Anyway, to celebrate this momentous occasions, today I have given away two signed copies of ‘The Sisters’ via the Goodreads Giveaway. Congratulations to Emma in Cornwall and Emma in Derby. Your prize will be whizzing it’s way to you via Royal Mail soon.


And…drum roll please, because it is *cough* technically Summer and in my opinion ‘The Sisters’ is the perfect beach read, the ebook will be available for just 99p/99c throughout the Summer.  Yes, for the price of a 99 ice-cream (an ice-cream with a flake in it would cost you in 1993 just 99p) you can have a copy of my book downloading on your kindle, kobo, iPad and nook right now.


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