I’m back….and The Sisters is free to download on Amazon!!!

My last blog post was more than a month ago and I share your outrage but I have a good excuse. Contrary to popular opinion I was not strutting around San Diego Comic Con but I was recovering from an  operation which meant (and this was a big surprise to me) that it was impossible for me to even sit up with my laptop and I definitely couldn’t practice my dance moves in my living room but it did mean that I read a lot of books, comics and watched loads and loads of movies.  Anyway, I’m back but I’ve been a bit busy with work, spectrum books interviews, book reviews and writing a short story for an anthology. The theme this time is ‘crime and punishment’ and brings together the team that brought you the anthology ‘No Way Home’.  (that was so cool, I felt like I was announcing a movie sequel).

Anyway, this is just a short post just to say hello and that I’m still here.

P.S.  The Sisters is available to download free from Amazon until Friday. So download a copy, read and review.


Have a glorious day.

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