“Only counterfeit is genuine these days.”

As a lawyer, i’m not sure how you can sue someone if you don’t know their name but Amazon are suing a thousand ‘John Does’ for submitting fake reviews.  Leaving fake reviews is not anything new.  The first time that this really hit the news was back in 2012 when author RJ Ellory was caught writing fake reviews and recently there was an undercover investigation by The Times where they published a ghostwritten book on Amazon and paid for fake reviews.

Every writer, whether traditionally or self-published, want their books to be received well.  We want good reviews and we have to accept that some of the reviews we receive may be bad.  I don’t understand how the whole Amazon algorithm review thingy works I just appreciate it when someone reads my book and takes the time to leave the review, irrespective of whether it’s good or bad.  Even with this recent news I hope that potential readers remain objective, read the blurb, take a look at the reviews and don’t feel the need to start their own undercover investigation into the 5,239 five star reviews that a book may have and just  give books a chance.

Here is the link to The Guardian article.


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