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Renata is released!

Hello.  Yes, I have been away for a while but I am here. It’s been a busy couple of months and I’m sorry for neglecting you.  There will be a longer blog post later in the week but in the meantime here is a very short post about Renata.




Renata is a short story that originally appeared in the anthology ‘No Way Home’ but it has now been released as a stand-alone story which is available to buy now from Amazon Kindle, Kobo and iBooks for the head-spinning price of 99p. Renata is a time-travel adventure about an assassin who is sent to the past to kill his target but all is not what it seems.

Renata is the beginning of a novella, Project Kairos, which will be released in 2016. So until then, enjoy Renata and if you take a look below…yes, we have a cover reveal.

See you soon.


Project Kairos AMAZON LARGE


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