Hello and welcome to my site. If you really must know, I was born and live in London and  began my working life at the BBC. I now practice as a criminal defence lawyer (yes, I do wear a wig and gown).

In February 2015 I published my first book ‘The Sisters’ and also contributed to the Sci-fi anthology ‘No Way Home’. I released the short story ‘Renata’ in December 2015. In 2016, I won the City Uni/Peter Frasers Dunlop Crime Writing Competition and in September I will  be a student again on the MA Crime Writing course at City University.  My second book ‘The Wrong Side of Committed’ will be published in 2017.

You can always  find me on Twitter where I tweet about everything from comic books, movies, music and general nonsense and if you really want to get in touch with me then feel free to email me: nadine@nadinematheson.com or send me a message via the contact form below 😀.

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