HQ New Voices Fiction Showcase 2020

Last night the HQ Stories Fiction Showcase 2020 took place at ‘The News Building’ in London Bridge. The showcase featured 15 authors pitching their novels to an excited mix of bloggers, journalists and fellow writers. I couldn’t attend last night but I was there in spirit, in other words, I pre-recorded my pitch and there’s also an article about the showcase in the online edition of ‘The Bookseller’IMG_1081 2


2019 so far!

To say that the first three months of 2019 were a whirlwind is a complete understatement. The first three months of 2019 have felt like a hurricane, but a good hurricane.  So what happened?

  1. 14 January: I had offers from three agents who wanted to represent me after reading my book The Jigsaw Man.
  2. 29 January: It was my birthday 🎊🎉🥂and I celebrated by signing a contract with my new agent Oli from A.M. Heath. There was red velvet cake.
  3. 18 February: The Jigsaw Man was sent out to editors and four days later I had my first offer from a publisher that sent me into shock.😱
  4. 6 March: HQ (HarperCollins imprint) won the rights to publish The Jigsaw Man in a SIX-WAY AUCTION.  **SIX publishers wanted to publish my book** 😳 AND Hanover Square pre-empted North American rights to publish the Jigsaw Man.

See, I told you that the first three months of 2019 were a whirlwind and a bit mad 😁.  So my book which started life as a 1000 word assignment on creating suspense, as part of my City Uni Crime/Thriller Writing MA ( I got a distinction by the way)  is going to be published in:

  1. UK and Commonwealth (excl. Canada: Oi, get a move on Canada 🇨🇦😋)
  2. USA
  3. Germany
  4. France
  5. Hungary
  6. Poland
  7. Russia
  8. Czech Republic
  9. Japan
  10. Italy
  11. Holland

To say that I am a bit excited is a complete understatement. My closest family and friends knew all about it, but I had to keep my mouth shut until there was an official press release in The Bookseller at the London Book Fair last month.

So, what am I doing now? Well, now that the whirlwind/hurricane has passed,  I’m starting work on book 2 in the Detective Henley series. Cross fingers, I will have more news to tell you soon.

City Crime 2018 Anthology

So, two years after enrolling on the Crime/Thriller Writing MA at City University (and wondering what the hell was I doing by going back to uni), my hard work, well the first 5000 words of it, can be seen in the City Crime 2018 Anthology.

The anthology was launched last Monday at the London Review Bookshop and contains extracts of the ten novels written by the 2018 graduates 🎓.  My novel is (for now) called ‘The Jigsaw Man’ and if you’re interested in serial killers running around Deptford, then this may be the book for you.🕵🏾‍♀️

So what happens now that I have a full novel in front of me? Will you see my book in Waterstones and on the shelves of Tescos? Hopefully, you will, but first I have to finish the last round of edits, proofreading and then I will be sending it to a few book agents. I will then be crossing my fingers and hoping that someone will offer to represent me and in the meantime I will keep on writing.👩🏾‍💻

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