City Crime 2018 Anthology

So, two years after enrolling on the Crime/Thriller Writing MA at City University (and wondering what the hell was I doing by going back to uni), my hard work, well the first 5000 words of it, can be seen in the City Crime 2018 Anthology.

The anthology was launched last Monday at the London Review Bookshop and contains extracts of the ten novels written by the 2018 graduates 🎓.  My novel is (for now) called ‘The Jigsaw Man’ and if you’re interested in serial killers running around Deptford, then this may be the book for you.🕵🏾‍♀️

So what happens now that I have a full novel in front of me? Will you see my book in Waterstones and on the shelves of Tescos? Hopefully, you will, but first I have to finish the last round of edits, proofreading and then I will be sending it to a few book agents. I will then be crossing my fingers and hoping that someone will offer to represent me and in the meantime I will keep on writing.👩🏾‍💻


Should you pay to write?


In 2014, Hanif Kureishi, gave an interview to ‘The Guardian’ in which he stated that creative writing courses were a “waste of time”. This might seem a bit ironic considering that Mr Kureishi, who wrote ‘The Buddha of Suburbia’, teaches creative writing at Kingston University but the question is; does he have a point?  Now, this isn’t the first time that I’ve heard someone say that creative writing courses are a waste of time and money but if you ask me, they’re only a waste of time and money if you just don’t have the talent. I mean, I can sing a bit and I can hold a note reasonably well but I doubt very much that a singing masterclass is going to turn me into Aretha Franklin.

Kureishi went on to say that “a lot of my students just can’t tell a story” whilst Matt Haig, who also…

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Who has the answer?


In 2016, the statement that there should be more diversity in publishing is still ringing loudly.  But what does that actually mean? Does that mean more diversity amongst the writers that are being published or more diversity within the writing itself e.g. characters, locations etc? According to the ongoing debate there is still a lack of diversity amongst the writers who are being traditionally published and that something needs to be done to resolve this issues.

I’ve said it often enough but I hate being reduced to an acronym but as a black woman who happens to write, I would be placed neatly in the BAME box (black, Asian and minority ethnics) and Penguin Random House (PRH) have launched a campaign just for me. OK, maybe the campaign isn’t just for me but PRH are looking to mentor and publish new writers from socio-economically marginalised backgrounds, writers with a disability…

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Bank Holiday Shenanigans and Podcasts

The bank holiday weekend is over and in London the weather is absolutely terrible. Today, it’s pouring down with rain and it’s downright miserable but taking that to one side, my weekend was actually excellent.  On Saturday we had a gorgeous weather so I had a bbq, on Sunday I went to MCM Comic Con and yesterday I went to Wembley Stadium to watch AFC Wimbledon vs Plymouth Argyle League 1 play-off final.  Comic-Con was great fun, there were Deadpools everywhere, I nearly got knocked off by Boba Fett, I fell in love with the Delorean, came face to face with a life-size Alien and despite my protestations that I wasn’t going to buy anything I did.

As yesterday was Bank Holiday Monday, Spectrum Books released Episode 10 of their podcast. Episode 10 of the Spectrum Books Podcast features an interview with fiction writer, Rebecca Strong whose first book ‘Who is Mr.Plutin?’ was published last year. As usual, you can listen to her interview on iTunes and on the web-player.

In my podcast intro I mentioned that I had a giant canvas print of the Silver Surfer on my hallway wall. So as promised here is a photo of my hallway:



Here are my photos from Comic-Con.


Wembley Stadium.


And finally…I was interviewed by J.David Core on the Thrills and Mystery Podcast. We spoke about my writing projects, who I got to advice when writing crime fiction and I got a taste of my own medicine by answering some of the spectrum questions.

You can listen to my interview on iTunes, Youtube and download the MP3.





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Stuck in the Middle

In the introduction to last weeks podcast I spoke about how I became stuck whilst writing the second draft of my latest WIP, which has the working title of The Comfort Zone (I already know that will not be the final title). I didn’t have writers block I just knew that I had reached a point in the story where I was writing all of my characters into a corner.  I had two choices. I could either throw the entire project into the trash can or go back to the plan.  I went to the plan. I’m one of the those people who can think more clearly when they actually have a pen and a paper in front of them. I spent two days going through my original chapter plan/outline and I changed things around, got rid of characters and changed the main characters arc.

I think that this graph by Maureen F.McHugh perfectly encapsulates how torrid the writing process can be.


In a week I’ve written 13,523 words and if you ask me, that’s a lot when a week ago you were literally standing at a junction wondering where on earth you were going to go next.

Project statistics courtesy of Scrivener
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Episode 9 is here…

Good afternoon to all you wonderful people. I hope that you had fantastic weekends.  With the exception of Crystal Palace losing the FA Cup (the less said about that the better – stupid referee), my weekend was great as I spent most of it catching up with and hanging out with friends and I bought another comic, actually it was definitely more than one. I can’t help it. I have a problem, but my argument is that it’s a classic. Do you have any idea how good this comic is?



As it is indeed Monday, that can only mean one thing. Yes we have another instalment of the Spectrum Books Podcast. Today I’m talking to author David Neth about being an indie writer and his publishing journey so far.


If you’re a subscriber to iTunes then you can download and listen to the podcast here. (Don’t forget to leave a review).

If you don’t have access to iTunes then you can listen on the web player.

Enjoy and I will see you next week.