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A day late…

I know, I’m sorry. There was a new episode of the Spectrum Books Podcast yesterday and I forgot to tell you. Please accept my sincere apologies.


In this weeks episode I’ve been talking to J.David Core from the Thrills and Mystery Podcast about his own self-publishing journey, favourite fictional characters and his foray into writing a graphic novel.  By my own admission, this entire podcast series happened completely by accident but it’s been a good accident. I hope that you’re enjoying listening to the interviews as much as I enjoy talking to my guests.


Anyway, as per usual, here are the iTunes and Webplayer links to the podcast.





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Episode 7: Anma Natsu

Good morning to you all. I can barely see at the moment and I sound like a dalek with a cold because of bloody hayfever but that will not stop me.  It’s Monday which means a brand new episode of the Spectrum Books Podcast.  Today I’m talking to YA fantasy and romance writer Anma Natsu.


We talk about her experience as an indie writer, the pressure to release a book series and the book she wished that she had written.  You can listen to the podcast on iTunes and on the web player  if you don’t have iTunes.

If you head over to the you can also read my ‘Spectrum Books talks to…’ interview with Emily Martha Sorenson.

About the Author


And finally, yesterday I was interviewed on the Thrills and Mystery Podcast. The podcast will be released on the 23 May 2016 and I will post a link when it’s up.

Right I’m going back to writing through streaming eyes with my box of kleenex on standby. Stupid allergies. Have a gorgeous day.


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Episode 6: Michael Patrick Hicks

Are you ready for episode 6 of the Spectrum Books Podcast?  In this episode I’m talking to Michael Patrick Hicks. I loved this interview. In case you didn’t know, I’m someone who likes to talk and I had so much fun talking to the uber talented Michael Patrick Hicks about his indie writing journey, DC stealing his title, Batman and his rather moving account of what Stephen King’s IT means to him.

Click here to listen to the Spectrum Books Podcast Episode 6: Michael Patrick Hicks 

Michael Patrick Hick’s latest release is the short story Let Go and it’s available to buy now from Amazon.


  • Contact me if you would like to be a guest on the spectrum books podcast or blog.


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Episode 5: Grace-Emmanuelle Kabeya of Kamaria Press

Hello, it’s Monday which means podcast day.  Today I’m in conversation with the brilliant Grace-Emmanuelle Kabeya of Kamaria Press. It was a great conversation talking about the publishing industry, diversity within the industry, World Book Night and the book Grace-Emmanuelle wishes that she had written.


You can listen to the podcast over on iTunes or you can listen on the web player




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Lucas Bale: Episode 4 – Spectrum Books Podcast

Good Morning. It’s Monday which means a brand new episode of the Spectrum Books Podcast.FiverrPodcastthorajax001


Today I’m interviewing, award-winning speculative fiction author, Lucas Bale about his self-publishing journey.   Head over to Itunes  and listen to the podcast.

His ‘Beyond the Wall’ Series which includes, The Heretic, Defiance and A Night of Shroud and Tears, is available to buy now.



Head over to to find out more about Lucas Bale.

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Justin Adams: Episode 3 – Spectrum Books podcast.

It’s Monday so that means there’s a new episode of the Spectrum Books podcast available.

Today, I’m talking to artist Justin Adams who specialises in sci-fi book covers.

You can check out Justin’s work at 

And here a couple of his covers.

Send me an email ( if you would like to be a guest on podcast or if you just have a question or something to say about the podcasts.

Here’s the podcast link: