The Sisters

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“I told you people only run away from bad relationships and debts and Lucinda’s running away from both.”

Richard always knew that there was something special about his four daughters, Lucinda, Jessica, Beatrice and Emma. He knew that his instincts had been right when Lucinda, Jessica and Beatrice LeSoeur formed the group ‘Euterpe’ and became one of the most successful British R’n’B girl groups of the 1990s. Whilst Euterpe are riding the waves of success Lucinda controversially and surprisingly leaves and moves to New York to seek her own fame and fortune. Now, nearly 20 years later, Lucinda is back for a not so happy family reunion.
Career failure, divorce and financial ruin sends Lucinda and her two children packing and on the first plane back to London.

Jessica couldn’t quite leave the showbiz life behind and now runs a successful PR agency. When her second husband surprises her with divorce papers and she finds herself fighting public humiliation for the second time in her life, what she doesn’t need is the arrival of her older sister who she hasn’t spoken to after an explosive argument five years ago.

Beatrice ran away as far she could from the music business, fully embracing her new roles as mother, wife and career woman. Always the mediator and the sister who wants to please, she’s excited about the return of Lucinda but is also anxious about the drama that she knows Lucinda will inevitably bring.

Emma was too young to be part of the group but she has always been part of her sister’s lives. Strong willed but with her own insecurities, her instincts tell her that there is more to Lucinda’s return and she is determined to find out the truth.

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