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Episode 9 is here…

Good afternoon to all you wonderful people. I hope that you had fantastic weekends.  With the exception of Crystal Palace losing the FA Cup (the less said about that the better – stupid referee), my weekend was great as I spent most of it catching up with and hanging out with friends and I bought another comic, actually it was definitely more than one. I can’t help it. I have a problem, but my argument is that it’s a classic. Do you have any idea how good this comic is?



As it is indeed Monday, that can only mean one thing. Yes we have another instalment of the Spectrum Books Podcast. Today I’m talking to author David Neth about being an indie writer and his publishing journey so far.


If you’re a subscriber to iTunes then you can download and listen to the podcast here. (Don’t forget to leave a review).

If you don’t have access to iTunes then you can listen on the web player.

Enjoy and I will see you next week.